Thursday, 30 September 2010


Just got back from the second year of Cinesites inspire internship launch. Basically it is a competition for students to apply to Cinesite for work experience LINK. It is a good opportunity for students but is blatantly a way for cinesite to get in there early on the new talent (and so what). They showed us a load of their recent work, none of which I can tell anyone about and to be brutal didn't really impress me much. The main thing that came out of it is that they are desperate for people who can work stereoscopically, but how the hell do you show that on a standard reel. That and they want shader writers, but since they are few and far between they are going to have to steal them away from some of the bigger boys.

Got to meet up with some other lecturers and some of the talented guys at Cinesite and afterwards in the various soho pubs some of my ex-students and even my old teacher Noah Taylor. Noah has promised me a talk down here at Falmouth. His previous companies include ILM. Weta, Animal logic amougst others and is currently at Framewhore...opps Framestore.

Did make me glad I don't work in London

Friday, 24 September 2010

Another term starts

With the start of the new year I thought I would try this as a way of sharing info with my students and any one else.
As a few students have found out Autodesk have changed their policy (again) on student software meaning you can now get it for free for 3 years.
You simply need to go to this link autodesk education community sign up and go from there.
There is small print that is worth reading in that the work is watermarked (not really an issue) and you don't get any upgrades. Therefore it will not be compatible with the machines on campus which will be running the latest versions (without watermarks) but it will be great for practice.
Also once you have joined there are some learning resources to have a look at.
Here are some that would be good for first years to have a peak at link

As a new resource we have purchased the Digimation model archive (Titanium edition). Due to the way it installs you will have to email me the reference details of any models you want and I can extract them and send them back to you. No I am not going to extract all 16504 models just so you can have a copy. But any models needed for projects (university or personal) I will endevour to get to you. There is a list of all their models on their website and I will need the model name and reference number. I can only respond to model requests from your university email address to comply with copyright. These are going to be really good for:
a: those of you (and me) who get bored by modeling
b: pre-vis work
c: background generic elements