Sunday, 31 October 2010

Colour / color theory

Found a great website for colour theory. LINK
You might think...this has nothing to do with wrong you would be. It is often overlooked by CGI artists but we are working in a visual medium so it is essential. Now many of you will do this by instinct but a little theory never hurt anyone.

Friday, 22 October 2010

character set keyframer

wrote this script this morning so it is still in the test phase (and gui layout etc). Basically the idea is that if you have an animation rig with a character set but no GUI this can be a stand in.

It also allows you to key (and remove key) from multiple character sets at once (which is nice).
The reset character button needs care as it might reset aspects of your character to zero that you don't want (IK/FK switches for example).
The reset selection only works on translate / scale / rotation /visibility of a selected object so is safer. It will ignore locked and unkeyable items.I am working on fixing the reset character button but character sets handle data in a different way.
just source the script then run ch_keyer(); in the script editor (for some reason it is not working at the script prompt???)
There will be an updated version soon with comments in the code etc.
Hope it is of some use.

Sunday, 17 October 2010


There have been a few people asking about quick and easy ways to rig a character. I have not tested these yet (well I am at the moment) but it gets good reviews and there are some nicely made tutorials by Olivier Ladeuix.
Now bear in mind that using tools like this will teach you nothing but it will allow you to get on with animating your characters. Make sure you test the rigs thougherly to see if they do what you want.
There is a similar simple autorig solution in Softimage XSI but Maya does not have one as standard, there are also a few you can buy.
This one is called abAutoRig and is available here
And the tutorials on using it are here
If anyone gets good results with it please tell us

Whilst we are on rigging for you animators out there who are playing with the various rigs that lovely people have given out for all to enjoy here is a list of rigs available along with comments on plus and minus points as well as examples of the rigs in action Link

stuff to read

Be curious.....there is so much information out there and some of it is really good. Animation requires you to be curious and to be fascinated by what you do.
First link for you is the pure pearls of wisdom from Keith Lango, I can not point out how much this paper can influence and change your way of animating...READ IT really read it and try it out link once you have done reading that read some more of his stuff, then shock horror find some other stuff and read that too.

Next link for you sort of backs up what we say to you all the time (and mainly gets ignored) if you are going to animate something plan it out before hand, thumbnails and REFERENCE material. link