Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Updated character set keyer script

Ok, I finally cleaned up and made the interface for the multiple character set keyer. It has gained a new name thanks to Oddne; that of GSFATCAO (GeorgsScriptForAnimatingTwoCharactersAtOnce). It can actually control far more than two but I like the name and it has stuck :)

Simple unzip the script into your Maya_preferences / scripts folder. Then when you restart Maya you can just type GSFATCAO into the script prompt and it will work. (must be capitals).

The tool has a few new functions: a help page to tell you about it and an update command in case you add a new character set and want the interface to reflect this.

The main difference with this version and the earlier one is that now the character set reset works well. You choose your own reset pose, then run the command under the menu. Then you can reset the character back to this pose at any time. You can change the reset pose at any point during the animation.

Limitations: Due to the way the create character reset section works you can not have any 'illegal' characters in your object names (things like :!*& etc.) If you have these I would recommend that you do a find and replace and remove them. I am going to change the script to work around this possibility once I have had a think about it

So here it is play nice and see if it works: