Friday, 18 January 2013

Size matters

Quick little tip to get your maya scenes to be the right size. This is particularly important if you are working between multiple software packages (such as mudbox / motion builder etc) or if you are doing dynamics.

Did you realise that the standard grid in Maya is only 12cm x 12cm. Most people seem to model with this grid and then find that when they transfer to for example mudbox that the model is tiny.

In Maya goto Display - Grid and bring up the properties.
Length and width sets how many units you will cover in the 3D viewport grid. (in your main settings you set the unit, default is cm). Increase this to 150 (i.e. 1.5m)
Set Grid lines to 50 (gives you a main division of 50cm)
Subdivisions of 5 (this divides every grid line into 10cm squares)
I also like to have the numbers on the grid.

Now when you model is it easy to work without the grid becoming tiny, so your average humanoid would be about 18 gridlines high (180cm)